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Parenting and families

If you are a parent or carer, it's important you know how to look after yourself and the mental health of those you care for during difficult times. This collection contains guidance on looking after children and young people during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.


  • Bereavement support for care staff

    Losing someone close to you, whether it’s a family member, friend or colleague, can be devastating. This loss may be especially difficult during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic because you may not have been able to...

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  • Resources for parents

    The following programmes and resources can help support parents.

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  • Connecting with other parents

    Being a parent can feel extremely isolating, especially when you have children that need additional support. Parents can often spend days alone with their children without really connecting with other people. Your usual ...

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  • Protecting children and young people online

    Most children’s internet use has increased over the last two years, whether it’s for entertainment, educational or social purposes. With all the additional time spent doing more online, how can you be sure that the y...

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  • Drugs, alcohol and young adults

    Teenagers and young adults often become curious about legal and illegal drugs and experimentation is very common. It’s natural for teens to push boundaries and take risks as they try to ‘fit in’. At that age they m...

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  • Parenting with mental health problems

    Parenting can be a challenge at the best of times but if you experience mental health issues then you may struggle more than normal to support your child. You might also worry about the impact your own wellbeing has on t...

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  • Being with bereavement

    Losing a loved one is something we are likely to experience as we grow older. Even if someone’s been ill for a long time, when they pass away it can be very difficult to deal with.

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    Mental health

    Headspace and Unmind apps still free to NHS staff until end of 2023

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    17 November 2022 - Roy McPartland
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    Parenting and families

    Free webinars on supporting children with SEN or disabilities

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    18 August 2022 - Roy McPartland
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Helpful resources

Child/Teenager? Getting help when you're in a crisis

What to do and where to turn to if experiencing a mental health crisis

Download PDF, 1,000.73KB
Partners band together to support Ukrainian refugees

Press release

Download PDF, 120.33KB
Marijuana talk kit

What you need to know to talk with your teen about marijuana. A guide from

Download PDF, 980.22KB
Drugs, alcohol and young people

Guidance for parents from Young Minds.

Download PDF, 3.49MB