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  • Financial wellbeing guidance for managers

    There is a common misconception that financial wellbeing isn’t the employer's responsibility, it’s down to the individual. However, the NHS considers that financial wellbeing is fundamentally important to all staff, ...

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  • Flexible working

    The right to flexible working was embedded in the Employment Rights Act 1996 and strengthened through the Work and Families Act 2006, and the Flexible Working Regulations 2014. Flexible working includes both flexibility ...

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  • Managing wellbeing at work - resources for managers and employers

    It is widely reported that mental ill health will affect one in four people at some point in their working lives. People with mental health problems frequently suffer discrimination in the workplace and unemployment affe...

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  • Stress and burnout

    Stress is the body's reaction to feeling threatened or under pressure. It's very common, can be motivating to help us achieve things in our daily life, and can help us meet the demands of home, work and family life.

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  • Supporting others with their mental health

    If you are noticing that a colleague, friend or relative is starting to behave differently then it could be a sign that they are developing a mental illness. This won’t always be the case but being aware of common chan...

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  • Being with bereavement

    Losing a loved one is something we are likely to experience as we grow older. Even if someone’s been ill for a long time, when they pass away it can be very difficult to deal with.

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  • Supporting staff with Long COVID

    Recovering from long COVID can be a lengthy process and employees will need to be supported to recover at their own pace ensuring that they do not relapse.

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  • Alcohol and the workplace - guidance for managers

    More than 25 million adults in the UK consume alcohol on a regular basis. So statistically, drinkers are more likely to be employed than non-drinkers. This means the effects of overconsumption of alcohol are often felt i...

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Helpful resources

Supporting bereavement

A guide to helping the bereaved

Download PDF, 5.68MB
Mental wellbeing in the workplace infographic

Statistics and key facts on employee mental wellbeing in the NHS workplace.

Download PNG, 616.71KB
Elements of health and wellbeing

NHS guidance to help create a health and wellbeing culture in the workplace.

Download PDF, 4.41MB
How to promote wellbeing and tackle the causes of work-related mental health problems

An employers guide from Mind.

Download PDF, 278.84KB
Managing drug and alcohol misuse at work

A CIPD guide for employers

Download PDF, 2.65MB
How to embed flexible working for nurses

Guidance for employers implementing flexible working, including HR professionals, line managers and nurse leaders.

Download PDF, 2.45MB
Flexible working toolkit for line managers

This guide for line managers offers support in how to lead a flexible team, helping managers to put structures and processes in place to support and encourage flexible workplace for all.

Download PDF, 1.19MB
Managing stress and building resilience in the workplace

This short guide shares practical tips on coping with stress which you can use for yourself as well as to help others you are responsible for as a manager.

Download PDF, 580.06KB
Talking to someone about suicide

Suicide can be a difficult topic to broach. This resource is to support you with this, sharing warning signs and tips on what you can do and where you can go for further help.

Download PDF, 2.77MB
Talking to someone about mental health

Finding the right words can be difficult when you want to talk about mental health. This conversation guide from Mental Health UK will help.

Download PDF, 389.19KB
Worried about someone’s mental health?

This factsheet from Rethink Mental Illness explains what you can do if you are worried about someone’s mental health. It explains how to get them help and support.

Download PDF, 625.99KB
The menopause at work

A CIPD guide for line managers.

Download PDF, 1.07MB