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Financial wellbeing is fundamentally important to all employees. And with the cost of living crisis having an increasing impact it's now even more important that employers and managers are able to support vulnerable staff.


  • Winter Pressures & Cost of Living

    Many people are finding the increase in the cost of living hard to deal with. Our colleagues at NHS England in the Midlands have compiled a list of useful organisations that can help in these tough times.

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  • Financial resources and guides

    Whatever your financial situation help is available. And all debt problems can be solved. The guidance on this page can help you find the right support.

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  • What is financial wellbeing?

    Financial wellbeing is a state of being where a person can meet current and ongoing financial obligations, feel secure in their financial future, and is able to make choices that allow them to live life to the fullest.

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  • Financial support

    Depending on your circumstances you may be eligible for financial support.

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  • Financial support for care and social workers

    If you work in social care and are experiencing financial hardship there are dedicated services available to help you.

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  • Financial support for NHS staff

    The cost of living crisis is having an impact across the country. The cost of everyday goods has increased by around 10% (June 2022) compared to the same time the previous year. This has tipped millions of households ove...

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  • Financial wellbeing guidance for managers

    There is a common misconception that financial wellbeing isn’t the employer's responsibility, it’s down to the individual. However, the NHS considers that financial wellbeing is fundamentally important to all staff, ...

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  • Gambling

    Being a compulsive gambler can harm your health and relationships, and leave you in serious debt. The NHS is now facing record demand for specialist support for gambling addiction.

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    Financial wellbeing

    Cost of living crisis

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    26 January 2023 - Roy McPartland
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Mental health and debt

Help, info, guidance and support for individuals and carers.

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Money and mental health in a time of crisis. A report from the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute

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Money and mental health problems: breaking the link

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